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Find the perfect accessory for your Wheelchair or Scooter; products include several types of bags, back packs and baskets designed to fit most standard wheelchairs and scooters. You will also find a good selection of scooter covers for the machine and user; offering wet weather protection for the legs or full length.



Fleece Lined Scooter Cosy
VA129C Details »
Product Code: VA129C

Scooter Pannier Bag
VA137ST Details »
Product Code: VA137ST

Scooter Bag
VA134ST Details »
Product Code: VA134ST

Wheelchair Crutch Bag
VA132SS Details »
Product Code: VA132SS

Wheelchair Pannier Bag
VA137SST Details »
Product Code: VA137SST

Scooter Tiller Cover
VA128T Details »
Product Code: VA128T